A Deed Poll is an official document one will need to declare a change of name. Why is this document called a deed poll? A Deed is a written legal agreement which has been signed and delivered. Poll refers to a legal document with straight edges after they were cut (polled) to be straight. This was apparently done to visually distinguish between a deed signed by one person (a polled deed – hence called Deed Poll) and a deed signed by more than one person (an indenture), which will have an indented or serrated edge.

In Singapore, the deed poll is recognised by all official government departments, companies and organisations, and it will therefore allow you to change your name on your NRIC, passport, bank accounts and other official documents (though certain documents cannot be changed, such as the birth certificates).

Click here for an overview of the ICA procedures to replace your Singapore NRIC with a new one under the changed name once you have done the deed poll.

With a deed poll done for the change of name, one will completely revoke the use of the former name, thereafter use only the new name reflected on the deed poll, and require all persons to address him by the new name.

The deed poll will be signed sealed and delivered by the person intending to change his name. In the case of a minor (child) (under 21 years old), this declaration via deed poll is made on the minor’s behalf by one or both of the parents.

Common Reasons for a Name Change

A person can change his name for any reasons which does not matter, as long as it is not for fraudulent purposes. However, certain names may not be accepted (e.g., it contains misleading or unsuitable words/characters (such as datuk, sir, numbers, symbols), it is impossible to pronounce, it is vulgar or offensive, it does not have at least a surname and a forename).

Some of the common reasons for a name change are listed below:

The person simply does not like his name. For example, a name may not tell the gender of the person clearly, may be deemed to be too common or more suitable for certain age groups, or it may become a talking point to generate humour at one’s expense due to its other interpretations.

The person has been using a different name to his birth name and now want to formalise a change of name so that all their official documents and records show his new name, or an addition to his birth name (e.g., a Christian name).

The person believes that a change of name would bring better luck due to fengshui and other factors.

After marriage, the bride chooses to adopt her husband’s surname, or vice versa.

A transsexual who need to change his name after a gender change operation.

How to do a Deed Poll?

You can have the deed poll done instantly with us for S$90 nett per deed. The process is simple. On your part, you just need to submit your details to us electronically. We will process the deed and contact you for an appointment to sign it.