Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is an official document one will need to declare a change of name. Why is this document called a deed poll? A Deed is a written legal agreement which has been signed and delivered. Poll refers to a legal document with straight edges after they were cut (polled) to be straight. This […]

Will Writing

A WILL is a document which provides for the administration and distribution of what is owned by you, among people whom you desire to have a share or shares of your estate/assets after your death.  Essentially, a WILL is your expressed intention of what should be done with your property after your death. It is […]

Splitting-up (Part 4): Division of the Matrimonial Assets

What are considered matrimonial assets? Any asset acquired before the marriage by one party or both parties but ordinarily used or enjoyed by both parties or their children while residing together during the marriage; Any assets acquired before the marriage by one party or both parties but which have been substantially improved during the marriage […]

Divorce and women’s Charter (Matrimonial Property Plan) Rules

Introduction Divorce proceedings in Singapore involve two stages. At the first stage, the court considers whether a divorce should be granted. After the divorce has been granted, the court considers ancillary divorce issues, which may include custody, care and control of the children, maintenance of the wife and children and division of matrimonial assets. This […]